Floral Arrangements

My container or yours.  Traditional, contemporary, whimsical, formal, or sweet: an arrangement sets the tone for the table.
1.  Fresh Bittersweet with preserved Artichokes
2.  Dahlia, Celosia, Crapspedia, Crocosmia, Freesia, China Berries in a Fairy Tale Pumpkin
3. Fresh Dogwood
4. Pink Roses in a simple vase
5.  French Tulips swirled in a round vase
6. Dried Beach Sage
7. Pee Wee Hydrangea, roses and Banana leaves
8.  White wild flowers in cowboy boots
9. Glads and Tulips with black rocks
10. Daffodils and Yucca leaves
11. Hydrangea, Magnolia and grapevine in an evergreen
12. Hydrangea and roses in a silver bow.
13. Seedpods and shells
14. Mini pumpkins, fresh Bittersweet, and Jackson Vine