Before and After pics from Classes

before auqa chairafter aqua chairBefore and after, Kim stoolbefore and after kim stool afterbefore and after bonnie box beforebefore and after bonnie box afterafter nickel lampClasses have been so much fun.  I love seeing the things that people bring in to paint.  I think everyone, including me, learns something by seeing what other people are painting.  I do seem to have more “after” pics than “before”.  I think that is because I am always so excited to get started on a piece.  Oh well!  We used some Annie Sloan and Cece Caldwell chalk paints and waxes on most of these pieces; although the aqua dining chair was done with Latex and poly acrylic.  You can get the same look using either method.  We also used Shabby Paint’s VAX…vanish and wax in one and Zero VOC’s….nothing smelly.